Parks & Facility Rentals

The Recreation Division oversees rentals for the Oakley Recreation Buildings, Group Picnic Sites and Sports Fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the hall?

The Oakley Recreation Buildings can accommodate a maximum of 100 people.

Is alcohol permitted in the facility/ picnic sites?

Alcohol is not permitted at the Oakley Recreation Building or the group picnic sites.

Can I bring a personal barbecues?

Personal barbecues are not allowed, both group picnic sites have barbecues available for use.

Are bounce houses allowed?

Renters can have bounce houses, however the company supplying the bounce house must have insurance on file with the City of Oakley. For a listing of companies with insurance on file call us at 925-625-7041.

Are the sports field open in the rain?

To view the sports field status click here.

  • Oakley Recreation Buildings/ Group Picnic Sites

  • 925-625-7041
  • Sports Fields

  • 925-625-7044