Q: In which County is Oakley located?
Oakley is located in Contra Costa County

Q: What is the telephone number for the local utility services?
Water: Diablo Water District (925) 625-3798
     Garbage: Oakley Disposal Service (925) 757-7660
     Electric/Gas: Pacific Gas & Electric  (800) 743-5000
     Telephone: AT&T  (800) 310-2355
     Cable TV: Comcast Cable Communications Inc (800) 310-2355 or AT&T    www.attinternetplans.com, Hughes Net Satellite Internet 1-855-709-2067
     Sewage: Ironhouse Sanitary District  (925) 625-2279

Q: I just moved to Oakley and I have a lot of great ideas about how Oakley can be even better - how do I let you know what they are?
The Mayor and Council would love to hear from you! Please send your constructive ideas to council@ci.oakley.ca.us.

Q: Are there a lot of almonds in Oakley?
Though most of the almond trees known to the region have disappeared,  Oakley is known for agriculture, its numerous vineyards and for being home to Continente Nuts.


Q: I work with a great non-profit organization. How do I get my organization listed on the City of Oakley's web site?
Go to Services, Community Organizations and download the Organization Directory Enrollment Form. Complete it and fax it into (925) 625-9859. The City of Oakley reserves the right to choose which events and organizations are listed on the web site.

Q: I would like to become active in the community. How do I go about that?
There are many organizations in Oakley that need your help such as the Marsh Creek Watershed, Loaves and Fishes, and the Chamber of Commerce. Reference our Community Organizations page for phone numbers to call and inquire about volunteering. Volunteering is an important and much needed resource in our community. 


Q: Where can I find information about the Oakley Municipal Code?
A: To find the Oakley Municipal Code, please go to Departments, City Council, Municipal Code. Click here for a link.

Q: Where can I find information about the Oakley Zoning Codes?
A: To find the Oakley Zoning Codes click here.


Q: How do I apply for a business license?
For your convenience, business license applications are available at the City of Oakley offices, 3231 Main Street, by calling (925) 625-7000 or by downloading the Business License Application from this web site.

The City of Oakley requires a "Home Occupancy Application" for business owners operating from their home. Applications can also be downloaded from the web site.

Q: What are the fees for a business license?
The annual fee for a business license is $100 plus $10 for each employee. The one-time fee for a home occupation permit is $91.00.


Q: Who is eligible to register to vote?
The California Election Code states every person who legally resides in the State of California and will be at least 18 years of age at the time of the next election, not in prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony, is eligible to register to vote under Section 2 of Article II of the California Constitution.

Q: Who should complete a Voters Registration Form?
Anyone who meets the above eligibility criteria and:

  • Is not now registered in the County;
  • Has changed his/her place of residence since last registering;
  • Wishes to change his/her political party; or
  • Has changed his/her name since last registering

Q: How do I obtain voter registration information or register to Vote?
: Registration forms are available at the following Oakley locations: City Hall Offices, 3231 Main Street (925-625-7000) and at the United States Post Office at 400 Del Antico Avenue (925-625-5687). You can also register online at www.ss.ca.gov/elections/elections.htm.

Q: How do I obtain proof that I am a Registered Voter?
Proof of voter registration can be obtained from the Contra Costa County Registration-Elections Department. Go to www.cocovote.us or call (925) 335-7800. The office is located at 555 Escobar Street in Martinez, CA. Fees may apply.   


Q: How can I make a reservation at one of the parks in Oakley?
A: Contact Oakley City Offices at (925) 625-7000.


Q: Where can I find information about a passport?
A: Passport applications can be obtained on this web site or you may call  (925) 625-7000 for more information.


Q. How do I contact the police for a non-emergency call?
A. To report a non-emergency incident you can:

  • Call police dispatch at 925-625-8060
  • Access the Police web page under Departments and click the button given for non-emergency calls. It will link directly to the County web site where you can file a report on-line 
  • Go directly to www.cocosheriff.org to make a report on-line. Click the button that says 'File On-Line Report Here".  


Q: To whom can I report a non-operating street light?  
A: To report a damaged or non-operating street light contact City of Oakley Engineering/Public Works by calling (925) 625-7037.

You will need to know the pole number (in black numbers/letters approximately seven (7) feet from the base of the light pole) and the nearest address of the street light.


Q: How do I contact Animal Control Services?
A: To report lost, stray or dead animals, or a potentially dangerous animal, contact Animal Control Services at (923) 335-8300. For inquiries regarding the number of animals allowed at the residence or to report a violation, contact City of Oakley Code Enforcement at (925) 625-7031.


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