Oakley Veterans Memorial


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The corner of Norcross Lane and Main Street has long been designated as the site for a memorial in honor of our Veterans. Although initially the thought was this spot would house a bronze eagle monument established in commemoration of WWI that originally belonged to Oakley, but now stands at the entrance to the Antioch fairgrounds.

The story goes that post WWI, two gentlemen set out to establish monuments along the transcontinental Victory Highway in honor of veterans of the War. The original concept was to establish Bronze Eagle Monuments at each county line along the route; however, only seven came to be erected along the highway system, Oakley being one of them. The monument which is representative of the veterans defending our nation depicts a female bald eagle on her aerie protecting her eaglets.

Oakley’s memorial was dedicated on May 31, 1926 at the intersection of Bridgehead Road and Main Street near the Contra Costa and Sacramento county line. However, in 1976 the construction of a new steel Antioch bridge, off ramp and intersection modifications required the relocation of the monument to Antioch in order to protect the monument from being damaged during construction. Attempts were made to have the monument returned to Oakley, but failed.

In 2012, however, the City in consultation with veterans groups devised a new concept for a memorial to occupy our Civic Center site (Norcross Ln. and Main St.). The Memorial will have five, red granite, squared columns that surround a blue granite base upon which the American Flag will fly. Each of the representative columns will bear the insignias of the five branches of the United States military; Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. At the head of the monument will be a white marble “Victory Eagle” to remind us of the monument that once stood in Oakley.

Fundraising continues through the sale of bricks, benches, and a business sponsorship opportunity. Every dollar adds up, bringing us closer to our goal of $70,000. Bricks are available for $125 each and allow for the engraving of three lines and fifteen characters total. Benches are also available at the cost of $3,000. Business sponsorship opportunities range from $1,000 to $3,000.

For more information call Nancy Marquez-Suarez at 925-625-7007 or email marquez@ci.oakley.ca.us.




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