In this section of the Web site you will find different maps that serve a variety of purposes.

  • The Locator Map shows you where the City of Oakley is located with respect to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

  • The City Map documents Oakley's city limits and major roadways.

    City of Oakley Map
  • Meanwhile, the General Plan Land Use Map shows the development plan for Oakley. It can help residents and commercial and industrial developers make real estate purchasing decisions. Potential homeowners can use the map to evaluate how a particular neighborhood will develop over time. Developers can examine map areas slated for commercial or industrial use. They can examine the current and projected roadways that serve those areas in order to decide which property and amenities will best serve the needs of their enterprise.




City of Oakley Main Office
City Hall and Civic Center Park

3231 Main Street
Oakley, CA 94561
(925) 625-7000

See Directions for details on how to drive to Oakley.