Planning and Zoning


Planning Division Duties

The Planning Division administers, prepares, and maintains the provisions of the City's Zoning Ordinance and General Plan.  The Zoning Ordinance assures orderly, attractive development while the General Plan sets a vision for future development in the City.  The division provides technical staff services to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Planning Division Goal

To preserve and enhance the City's physical, economic, and social environment through implementation of effective short and long-range planning principles.

City of Oakley General Plan 2020

Full General Plan last updated January 27, 2015

General Plan Draft EIR

General Plan Final EIR

Maps and Lists

Current Impact Fees

Application Guidelines and Procedures

Click on the type of application you are filing below to view the guidelines and procedures to filing.

Application and Permit Information

Whether you are looking to file an application for a tentative map, conditional use permit, or a wall sign, this section will provide the correct document.  Please feel free to contact the Planning Division with any and all questions pertaining to the applications below.

Development Project Map

This internactive map includes the locations of approved and pending residential and commercial development projects within the City of Oakley.  Please use the map as a visual search platform with links to approval documents for various projects throughout the City of Oakley. Click project icons or sites for more information.  To open documents in a separate window or tab, please refer to your browser's settings.

Green = Approved Residential
Red = Approved Commercial
Orange = Under Construction
Blue = Specific Plan

If you do not see a specific project, please call the Planning Division at (925) 625-7000.

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Current Project Plans 




Reference Documents

Our list of reference documents includes Oakley's Greenhouse Gas Inventories, the Parks Master Plan, Zoning Map, and several other documents and maps.  Check back often as many of the reference documents are updated as needed.

Parks Master Plan 2020

Parks Master Plan 2020 (full document)

Park Master Plan Existing Parks and Site Opportunity Map

Environmental Programs

Oakley's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories

Oakley Supports the East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW)

East Bay Energy Watch is a collaboration between Pacific Gas and Electric Company and local governments, non-profit and for-profit energy service providers in the East Bay dedicated to providing innovative energy efficiency solutions for residents and businesses in communities throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Click the link to visit the EBEW website.




Phone: (925) 625-7000

Planning Manager Josh McMurray
Senior Planner Ken Strelo