City Code of Ethics

The City of Oakley has adopted this Code of Ethics to foster public trust and public confidence by promoting and maintaining the highest standards of conduct.  The City Council, appointed officials, City management and City staff are expected to follow this Code and to practice its core values.


As I serve Oakley, I am honest. I keep my word and lead by example. I base my actions on behalf of the City on the best available information. I go out of my way to build trust, and consider carefully the impact of my actions on public confidence.  I maintain integrity at all times and consistently do what I believe is in the best interest of this community.


I comply with the laws of the nation, the State of California and the City of Oakley in the performance of my public duties.  These laws include, but are not limited to: the United States and California constitutions; the Oakley Municipal Code; laws pertaining to conflicts of interest, election campaigns, financial disclosures, employer responsibilities, and open processes of government; and City ordinances and policies.


As I serve Oakley, I treat everyone with respect and dignity, the way I would want to be treated. I practice patience, courtesy, and civility even when we disagree. I maintain confidentiality, am sensitive about other people’s time, and am careful with the public’s property. I listen actively, engage in effective two-way communication, and demonstrate responsive public service.


As I serve Oakley, I am fair. I treat everyone equitably. I value peoples’ right to know, encourage public input, and listen to all sides. I honor due process. I make impartial decisions, using relevant and consistent criteria, caring for special needs, and giving priority to merit. I refrain from taking any special advantage of services, opportunities, or public resources for personal gain, by virtue of my public office, which would not otherwise be available to the public in general.  I refrain from accepting gifts, favors, or promises of future benefits, which might compromise or tend to impair independence of judgment or action.


As I serve Oakley, I emphasize teamwork. I reach out to all individuals and groups, involving them in the process, and partnering with them. I value diversity, seek differing and divergent viewpoints, and ask for and consider all opinions. I recognize that good ideas and better solutions can come from anyone. I understand Oakley’s Council-Manager form of government and the different roles and contributions of the City Council, City Manager and staff.  While serving on a committee, commission or board, I recognize that I represent the City, and will not exceed the authority vested in me.


As I serve Oakley, I foster, protect, and conserve the community’s financial, environmental, and cultural resources. I practice fiscal responsibility and preserve natural resources. I respect individual rights and uphold the public trust. I am committed to the long-term stability and growth of the community.


As I serve Oakley, I hold myself to high standards and am accountable to those I serve. I am willing to explain my actions and decisions, give and receive criticism, accept consequences, and engage in continuous improvement.

The City Council has signed this document as the official City Code of Ethics and each Councilmember has completed ethics training in compliance with AB1234.