You, Me, We Oakley

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Program Information

This program was created through a collaboration of the City of Oakley, Oakley schools, businesses, congregations, community based organizations, such as the Contra Costa Interfaith Support Community Organization (CCISCO), the International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA), and Oakley residents. You, Me, We=Oakley is an affiliate of Welcoming America, a national grassroots collaborative that works across nineteen states. Welcoming American promotes cooperation and communication between immigrants and U.S. born Americans, thus Building a Nation of Neighbors. Visit the You, Me, We Oakley website by clicking here for more information.

Program Goals

You, Me, We= Oakley is a program that seeks to enhance understanding, trust, relationships, integration, participation and cooperation among all residents of Oakley in order to build a more vibrant and cohesive community that lives up to the commitment for Oakley to truly be “a place for families in the heart of the Delta”. We seek to increase a spirit of mutual respect among all Oakley residents, increase civic participation, and create a move welcoming community here in Oakley.


Program Coordinator
Gabriela Banos Galvan 925-625-7011