Adopted Building Codes

2016 CA Building Code
2016 CA Building Code
2016 CA Building Code
2016 CA Electrical Code
2016 Disabled Access Regulations
2016 Energy Efficiency Standards
2016CA Referenced Standard Codes
2016 CA Elevator Code

Wind Exposure:  C

Climate Zone:     12

Basic Wind Speed:  80 MPH

Soil Bearing Pressure:  1,000 PSF (without soils report)

Seismic Zone (no longer zoned 1,2,3 or 4)  please contact the State Seismic Commission:, (916) 263-5506 or click here to see the State Seismic Commission website.

Building Permits

California state law specifies that a permit may be issued to either the owner of the property where the work is to be performed or a licensed contractor in the trade for which they are licensed.  An agent (or representative) of the owner may also pull a permit however the owner must still sign the permit and/or designate in writing the agent they have chosen.  Our permit counter is located at 3231 Main St.

You can fax your Building permit application to 925-679-1707 for over the counter building permits. Please contact the building department with any questions, 925-625-7005.



Inspection Necessities

Inspections are required after obtaining building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or roofing permits.  There are four major types of structural inspections required in new construction:  foundation inspections, framing inspections, insulation inspections and final inspections.  Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical inspections usually consist of three step inspections.  Roof inspections will consist of a tear off, roof nail, and final   There must be an adult (18 years or older)present for any inspections of the interior of an occupied building.  If an adult cannot be present for an inspection of the exterior of an occupied building, a note must be left on the front door, or on the gate of any fenced area giving permission for the inspector to enter the area.  The inspector will not enter a yard where dogs are loose or a note is not posted.  Provide a ladder that meets OSHA requirements for roof inspections.