Pre-Approved ADU Program and General ADU Information


Sometimes called “in-law units,” “secondary dwelling units,” or “backyard cottages,” an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a complete, independent living facility for one or more persons. These structures can be detached from or attached to a primary residence, converted from existing square footage of a primary residence, or converted from an existing accessory structure such as a garage or workshop.

Learn more about ADUs by reviewing the Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units: An ADU How-to-Guide for Oakley Residents, Homeowners, and Property Owners.

Ready to build? Applicants will need to fill out the ADU Building Permit Application, pay applicable fees, and submit all required materials (See Submittal Requirements attached to the ADU Building Permit Application).

Whether you are looking to custom build an ADU, use a manufactured home, or take advantage of the Oakley Pre-Approved ADU Program, the resources available on this page will assist you in moving forward.

Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit Program

The City of Oakley has established a Pre-Approved ADU Program. The purpose of the Program is to reduce or eliminate obstacles for City residents, homeowners, and property owners to construct an ADU in their backyard by offering pre-approved building plans and structural calculations. The pre-approved plans and calculations that are part of this program will help participants avoid additional costs while also reducing the overall timeframe for approval. There are several advantages to participating:

  • Skip the design costs – no need to hire an architect or design professional to prepare the building plans and structural calculations.
  • Enjoy a streamlined permitting process – building plans and structural calculations are already approved by the City.
  • Don’t sweat the details – building plans already meet the required height, living provisions, maximum size, foundation, and architectural standards.

For more information, please contact the Planning Division at (925) 625-7000.


Oakley Municipal Code Section 9.1.1102 Accessory Dwelling Units 

City of Oakley Building Permit Application for Accessory Dwelling Units

Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): An ADU How-to-Guide for Oakley Residents, Homeowners, and Property Owners

Plot Plan Template for City of Oakley ADU Program