Recreation Center Closure Ideas

Photo of the East side of the Recreation Center. Text reads Recreation Ideas and if you try one of the ideas to tag us on Instagram at OakleyRecreation

The City of Oakley wants to help you connect with fun, educational, and interesting ways that you can stay active, and engaged. We will continue to update this page and post more ideas to our Instagram page. If you have a great idea you would like to share tag us on Instagram @oakleyrecreation.

Photo of a girl with virtual reality glasses on with a teacher near her and a science experiment in front of her. Text reads Virtual Group Activities

Stay connected even when we are physically distant. 

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Beginning on Monday, April 13th we are launching Virtual Camp! Each day we will post games, activities or crafts that you can do from home.  Games will be posted here, as well as Facebook and Instagram. To prepare for the week use the link below to download a list of suggested supplies. 

Click here to visit our Virtual Camp Page.

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Photo shows a young girl near a chair setting up a pink blanket fort. Text reads Indoor Activities
Photo shows light blue lightbulb and other darker blue symbols and shapes like graphics, addition and subtraction signs. Text reads Learn a New Skill
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