City of Oakley

Relocation Impact Study and Last Resort Housing Plan

The City of Oakley (City) is interested in acquiring property to allow for the extension of O’Hara Avenue to the north, the widening of Main St. and the development of the long-planned access road. If the property is acquired, the City will provide Relocation Assistance to the property occupants in accordance with California Relocation Assistance Law (Government Code §7260, et seq.) and implementing regulations found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Chapter 6. Persons who are displaced as a result of a public project may be eligible to receive advisory and monetary assistance to help them secure replacement housing that is affordable to them.
As part of the planning process, the City is caused a Draft Relocation Impact Study and Last Resort Housing Plan (Draft Plan) to be prepared. That Draft Plan considers the needs of the impacted occupants and addresses the availability of potential replacement sites in the surrounding area. Most importantly, the Draft Plan describes the City’s commitment to provide relocation assistance to eligible occupants.

The public is invited to review a copy of the Draft Plan and submit comments. The public’s input will help to shape the Final Plan that will be included in the presentation to the Oakley City Council on January 23, 2018. If any members of the public would like to make comments on the Draft Plan, they should contact the City’s Relocation Consultant, Ms. Emily Plurkowski of AR/WS, Inc. at (925) 691-8500 or

All comments must be submitted within 30 days of this posting, by January 20, 2018. A copy of the Draft Plan is available  by clicking here and at City Hall located at 3231 Main Street, Oakley, CA during regular business hours.