Non-Permitted Driveway Acknowledgement Form Now Available

Acknowledgement Form for Non Permitted Driveway

The City of Oakley City Council recently reviewed and clarified several areas of the Municipal Code dealing with residential driveways, RV and boat parking, and on‐street Recreational Vehicle and boat parking.

The City has long required that no more than 50% of the front area of a residential lot be paved for the purposes of parking or access to a side yard. That requirement is still in place, however, any add‐on to an existing driveway must be directly adjacent to the home’s main driveway and it must be used for parking, or to access a side yard. One provision that should be noted is that no more than two (2) trailer, camper, or boats may be parked or stored in the front area of a home, but ONLY on a legally‐established
driveway. The trailer, camper, or boat must also be registered to the owner or renter of the property where it is parked.

The regulations also require that the add‐on driveway consist of an improved surface of a matching material to the original driveway or a decorative solid material. Although most flatwork/paving does not require a Building Permit, any flatwork/paving done within the public‐right‐of‐way does require an Encroachment Permit from the City’s Public Works and Engineering Department. Typically, but not in all cases, the area between the street curb measured 10 feet in towards a home is considered the publicright‐of‐way. The homeowner is required to maintain this area, including the landscaping and sidewalk.

The City Council also recognized there are a number of unpermitted driveway additions that are either not attached to the main driveway or take access from a pedestrian ramp at the corner of an intersection. Any property owner who has a non‐permitted driveway installed prior to June 1, 2018 will be required to sign a form that attests to that the unpermitted driveway was installed prior to that date. In the attestation the property owner also accepts responsibility for any damage to the sidewalk and/or ADA ramp and indemnifies the City for any claim, injury, or adverse incident that occurs due to the use of the non‐permitted driveway. No parking is allowed on this unpermitted driveway, it can only be used to place a RV, boat or trailer in a side yard and behind a 6 foot gate. You can download the form by click here.

The City also adjusted the allowance to park a RV or boat on the street for a 48‐hour period, both before and after a trip. The Code used to only allow for one 48‐hour period, which created some hardships for loading and off‐loading. This adjustment will provide
homeowners more flexibility for the purposes of loading and off‐loading their RV or boat.

The new regulations will take affect mid‐September. If you have any questions or would like to discussed above you may contact the Planning Division at (925) 625‐7000.