Building an ADU in Oakley


Most Oakley residents can imagine many ways to use an additional housing unit on their property: as a rental unit, a home for an elderly relative, a caregiver, or an older son or daughter living at home. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), sometimes called a “second unit” or “in-law unit”, is a self-contained living unit on the same property as a primary residential building. These units generally include a living and sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom. They can be detached from or attached to a home. You can also create an ADU by converting a garage or existing space in a home into a separate living unit. We are excited to let residents know that the process of adding an ADU to a residentially zoned property is easier than ever before.

The City works with residents each week to assess the options for their property and regularly approves building permit applications for ADUs. After talking with the Planning Division (925-625-7160) to confirm their property’s zoning, interested residents would then either commission custom plans from an architect or reach out to a company that specializes in prefabricated accessory dwelling units. When working with an architect or company to obtain plans, residents evaluate their needs for the space. Should the unit be large or small? Should it have a full kitchen and a mini-split air conditioning system? How much closet space should it have? Once the final design is settled on, the plans along with a building permit application are submitted to the Oakley Building Division. The Building Division roughly 15 days to review the plans and then either provide comments back or approves the plans. Whether you are looking to custom build an ADU or use a pre-manufactured home, the resources available on this page will assist you in moving forward. Learn more about ADUs by reviewing the Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units: An ADU How-to-Guide for Oakley Residents, Homeowners, and Property Owners.

Ready to build? Applicants will need to fill out the ADU Building Permit Application, pay applicable fees, and submit all required materials (See Submittal Requirements attached to the ADU Building Permit Application).


Oakley Municipal Code Section 9.1.1102 Accessory Dwelling Units 

City of Oakley Building Permit Application for Accessory Dwelling Units

Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): An ADU How-to-Guide for Oakley Residents, Homeowners, and Property Owners

Plot Plan Template for City of Oakley ADU Program