City Manager’s Office

The City Manager serves as Chief Executive Officer of the City of Oakley and  is responsible for the operational activities of City departments and divisions under the policy direction of the City Council. The Assistant to the City Manager provides overall operational support to both the City Council and City Manager and also serves as the Human Resources Manager and Public Information Officer. The City Manager’s Office monitors the progression of the Strategic Plan, provides professional recommendations to the City Council, meets with citizen groups to resolve concerns, administers the City’s human resources function and facilitates the You, Me, We = Oakley Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mayor and the City Manager?

The City of Oakley operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The Mayor is a member of the City Council, which is the legislative body of the City. The City Manager executes the City Council’s legislative and policy actions. The City Manager is responsible for the operational activities of all City departments and divisions government to ensure the City Council’s community vision becomes reality.

What are the terms of the City Manager's Employment Agreement?

The City Manager serves at the will and pleasure of the City Council. Click here to view the employment agreement and subsequent amendments. (to be hyerlinked)

How do I sign up to get weekly emails about City business?

You can join our mailing list for the Oakley Outreach by clicking here.

  • Joshua McMurray

    Interim City Manager

  • Nancy Marquez- Suarez

    Assistant to the City Manager

  • Gabriela Baños- Galván

    You, Me, We Oakley Coordinator