Public Works and Engineering

The Public Works and Engineering Department is Responsible for maintenance and improvements of the City’s parks, streets and other infrastructure. The Public Works and Engineering  Department ensures that the City’s infrastructure is safe and available for the public, maintained in a proactive and cost effective manner, and that all new investments into the infrastructure are strategically implemented to meet the City’s needs and standards. The Department also aims to increase response time to customers and projects.

The Public Works and Engineering Department oversees five functional units: Development Engineering, Capital Improvement Program Management, Traffic Engineering, Clean Water Program Management, and Maintenance Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week is my street swept?

You can look up your street sweeping day by utilizing the Street Sweeping Map or the Street Sweeping Alphabetical List.

Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the sidewalk in front of my house?

By state law, the owner of the fronting property is responsible for maintaining the curb, gutter, sidewalk, and parkstrip area. To learn more about Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk, and Parkstrip Maintenance & the 50-50 Curb Cost Sharing Program click here.

To learn more about the city standards for repair work click here.

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