Emergency Services

Emergency Operations Plan

The preservation of life, property, and the environment is of the utmost importance to the City of Oakley. It is also an inherent responsibility of local, state and federal government. At the City of Oakley, we take such responsibilities seriously and have prepared an emergency operations plan to ensure the most effective and economical allocation of resources for the maximum benefit and protection of the community in the event of an emergency.

While no plan can completely prevent death and destruction, good plans carried out by knowledgeable and well-trained personnel can and will minimize losses.

The City of Oakley’s emergency operations plan establishes an emergency organization, assigns tasks, specifies policies, and general procedures, and provides for coordination of planning efforts of the various emergency staff and service elements utilizing the National Emergency Management System (NEMS).

The objective of the plan is to serve as an extension of the California Emergency Plan. The City Council gives its full support to this plan and urges officials, employees, and citizens, individually and collectively, to do their share in the total emergency effort of the City of Oakley.

City of Oakley Emergency Operations Plan

No matter how much the city prepares, to further insure you and your families safety, it pays to be prepared at home, at work and while in your vehicle. Often times in a major emergency, city and federal crews will not be able to get to you within the first 72 hours after a disaster.

So be prepared on your own as well.