Strategic Plan

Oakley has a vision for its future: Action. For the 5-year Strategic Plan 2027+ (SP27+), the City engaged many diverse community voices to explore who we are, who we want to be, and where we want to go. This process resulted in a clear mission, inspiring vision, redefined values, and a path forward. Now, more than ever, we recognize and celebrate the history, uniqueness, and future potential of our Delta city.

This time in the City’s history is filled with excitement, growth, and so much possibility. SP27+ provides us with a long-term framework to provide exceptional service to residents and businesses while capitalizing on the shoreline to enhance the overall quality of the area for both visitors and businesses, investing in people and technological advances for organizational sustainability, and leveraging recent successes, like the Logistics Center, that can provide regional jobs and associated economic activity and investment. The SP27+ gives us focus and keeps our priorities centered around what matters most to our engaged residents, businesses, and partners.

As one community oriented around action, we collectively set our sights on strategic and thoughtful growth, safe and healthy neighborhoods, vibrant open spaces, collaborative engaged partnerships, and a sustainable organization that will benefit current and future residents and businesses. These goals will be realized through our collective values, to set our PATH forward: Promoting fair and equitable stewardship of our community, Advocating for a collaborative environment, demonstrating Transparency for accountability, and leading with Honesty and integrity. Together we can cultivate an inclusive and vibrant City where we live in a safe community, work together, and play in our backyard.

We look forward to working with you as we take action toward creating a resilient future that fosters and attracts a vibrant and evolving community that welcomes and values all people.

Mission, Vision, and Values

As part of the SP27+ community process, the City’s Mission, Vision, and Values reflect our mission to grow with purposeful intent while embracing our diverse and vibrant communities who choose to build their lives and livelihoods in Oakley’s Delta heartland. In recognition that the City is under new leadership and that our community has almost doubled in size, the City is committed to a PATH forward to create a better Oakley today while anticipating who Oakley is becoming. Although the City is still young we are advancing to meet the planned growth that was set almost 25 years ago. The SP27+ revisits what is important to the diverse communities and recalibrates the City’s collective priorities while not losing sight of what binds us together through our core values. We encourage every citizen, business, and visitor to support our Mission, enliven our Vision, and promote our Core Values to realize a City where anyone can choose to Live, Work, and Play.

A  copy of the City’s Strategic Plan is available here.  The Strategic Plan Dashboard is available here.