East Cypress Emergency Evacuation Information

In the event of an evacuation, all outbound traffic (leaving Bethel Island/Summer Lake Community) is to use a land dam/levee at the end of Sandmound Boulevard. This route will take you to Holland Tract Road and Delta Road. Use Delta Road to make your way to the Knightsen/Oakley area. Please use this route with caution.

Step-by-Step Evacuation Route Directions

To access the land dam follow the following route:

  • Go to the intersection of East Cypress Road and Sandmound Boulevard
  • Travel South on Sandmound Boulevard
  • Go to the end of Sandmound Boulevard and access a small levee road just to the east of Sandmound Boulevard
  • Travel South on this levee road a short distance until you reach the land dam that traverses over Sandmound Slough
  • Follow the land dam road a short distance until you get to Holland Tract Road
  • Make a right turn onto Delta Road, Delta Road will take you to Brentwood, Knightsen and Oakley

Please note that this route is only designated for passenger cars. Commercial vehicles, multi-axle vehicles, RVs, and trailers are not to be used to go over the land dam. A visual of the evacuation route is below. Additionally, a printable handout is available for download below.

What’s the status of the additional road out of East Cypress?

The City continues to work with developers to build a second exit way out of the East Cypress Area. While we work on this long-term, complex project, we have taken steps to formally secure an evacuation route for residents. Part of this process has been working with private property owners and the Reclamation District on an agreement to use the designated evacuation route in the event of an emergency. That agreement is shown below for reference.

Public safety continues to be a top priority for the City and we are working hard to offer a long-term, permanent solution to this issue.