City Council

2023 City Council Members

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District 4
District 2
Aaron MeadowsAnissa WilliamsDr. George FullerShannon ShawHugh Henderson
Term Expires: November 2024Term Expires: November 2024Term Expires: November 2024Term Expires: November2026Term Expires: November 2026

The City Council, comprised of five members, is the legislative body of the City. The Council make all policy determinations through enactment of ordinances and resolutions and has final authority in the implementation of these policies. The Council provides effective leadership in the making of public policy in order to provide efficient, responsible, and professional municipal services to the citizens of Oakley.

Note: Oakley City Councilmembers are elected in November of even-numbered years to serve four-year terms on the City Council. The Mayor and Vice Mayor are selected at the first meeting in December by the City Council to serve one-year terms.

Notice of Reorganization 

2023 City Council Meeting Dates

City Council Policy Book