Clean Water Program

Under the Public Works Department’s oversight, the City’s Clean Water Program inspects and enforces regulations and policies on industrial facilities, commercial businesses, construction sites, City-owned facilities, and public right-of-way. The main driver for stormwater pollution prevention in Oakley is the Municipal Regional NPDES Permit (MRP), which addresses the water quality and flow-related impacts of stormwater runoff on receiving waters, including creeks and the Delta. The program’s implementation authority comes from the City’s Stormwater Management and Discharge Control Ordinance.

The Oakley City Council adopted a Green Infrastructure Plan on December 8, 2020. The Plan described the City’s commitment to installing stormwater treatment areas to improve water quality, protect the Delta from pollution, and improve the environment. It involves capturing, storing, and treating rainwater where it falls, using special soils and plants that filter, absorb, and evapotranspire water. Click here to see examples of stormwater treatment measures (referred to as Integrated Management Practices or IMP).

Reporting Spills and Illegal Dumping.

If you notice unusual substances in or around a storm drain inlet or see someone dumping anything into a storm drain, don’t wait! Call the Contra Costa County Public Works 24-hour communication line at (925) 646-2441 immediately.

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