For Development Projects

Urban development is a major contributor to stormwater-caused pollution. Development or redevelopment of properties represents an opportunity to incorporate post-construction controls that can reduce water quality impacts over the life of the project.

The City’s NPDES Permit (MRP) requires that development and redevelopment projects that create or replace impervious areas will have to follow certain stormwater control measures (Section C.3 of the permit). There are resources available to help project applicants incorporate post-construction stormwater controls in development project designs. In addition to these requirements, development projects creating new impervious surface areas will have to meet the Contra Costa County Flood Control District’s Stormwater Drainage area requirements.

Operations and Maintenance of Stormwater Facilities

Operation and maintenance of stormwater treatment measures (IMPs) are required for all new and redevelopment projects. The City of Oakley will be reaching out to individual properties with IMPs to verify that these measures are being maintained and operated properly.

For questions related to the new and redevelopment project requirements, contact (926) 625-7154.