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Why do we inspect businesses?

The City’s Clean Water Program inspects industrial facilities and commercial businesses that are reasonably likely to contribute pollutants, such as chemicals and trash, to stormwater. In Oakley, all storm drains lead directly to creeks and the Delta. Only clean stormwater is permitted in the City’s storm drain system. Some businesses have on-site stormwater treatment facilities, known as Integrated Management Practices (IMPs). These landscaped areas are specifically designed to enhance the water quality of our local creeks and the Delta.

These inspections help protect water quality, and the City of Oakley comply with Section C.4, Industrial and Commercial Site Controls, of the Municipal Regional NPDES Permit (Order No. R2-2022-0018) and Oakley’s Stormwater Management and Discharge Control Ordinance.

Initial inspections are usually scheduled after time with the business. Re-inspections are conducted within a prescribed time after an initial inspection documents violations and if the business has not provided adequate documentation of corrective measures. Additional inspections may be scheduled in response to complaints of stormwater violations.

Save money, time, and the environment by complying with laws and preventing stormwater pollution.

What do inspectors look for, and how are violations handled?

Inspections assess how effectively businesses prevent stormwater pollution. The process includes:

  • Reviewing records, staff training, cleaning protocols, and other relevant practices.
  • Checking compliance with recycling guidelines and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) management where necessary.

During the inspection, the inspector:

  • Offers information and guidance to help businesses align with regulations.
  • Addresses minor issues directly with the business representative present to ensure prompt resolution.

If any violations are detected:

  • The inspector discusses and notes the necessary corrective measures with the business representative on-site.
  • A notice detailing the violations and required corrections is provided to the representative during the inspection.
  • The business also received an email summarizing the inspection findings and any subsequent actions needed.

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