Meet the City Manager’s Office

City Manager – Joshua McMurray

Josh became a member of the City of Oakley in 2008.  Prior to that he worked for the City of San Diego and the City of Santee, both in San Diego County.  He holds a B.A. in Public Administration with a formal emphasis in City Planning and M.A. in Public Administration from the School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University.  He is a graduate of the Contra Costa Local Government Leadership Academy and a member of the Internarial City/County Manager Association and the American Planning Association including the Northern California Chapter. 

Josh started in the Oakley Planning Division as an Associate Planner in 2008 and has held the titles of Senior Planner, Senior Planner/Housing and Economic Development Analyst, Planning Manager, Community Development Director and Community and Economic Development Director.  On May 8, 2021 Josh was appointed as Interim City Manager and on November 9,2021, Josh was appointed as the permanent City Manager.