Building Permits

Building Division staff are available Monday through Thursday from 7:30AM-12PM during walk-in hours and email or phone from 7:30AM-5PM.

To obtain a Building Permit in the City of Oakley you will need to complete a Building Permit Application. Depending on the complexity of the project; building plans may be required. To determine if your project requires plans please contact the Building Division at (925) 625-7005, or email:

Permits can only be issued to either the owner of the property or to a licensed contractor licensed by the California State License Board.

Please see our Permitting Process below: (Click to Expand)

Please note that one should make an appointment with the Building Department BEFORE ANY WORK HAS BEGUN to ensure that the project does not require a permit.

The City of Oakley requires an active business license for anyone conducting business within the city. If you are new and need a business license, please visit our Business License Department.

All Building Permit applications and applicable plans are processed electronically. Please email completed Building Permit Applications to:

Permit Applications

Permit Application – General

Permit Application – Solar and Requirements

Permit Application – EV Charger and Requirements

Permit Application – HVAC

Permit Application – Reroof and Requirements

Permit Application – Water Heater and Requirements

Permit Application – Windows/Doors and Requirements

Permit Application – Pool/Spa and Requirements

Permit Application – Kitchen/Bathroom and Requirements

Permit Application – ADU

Permit Application – Patio Cover/Shed


Accessory Structure Handout with Examples

C&D Waste Management Plan

Electric Charging Station Checklist & Requirements

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodel Requirements

Residential Addition Handout

Regulations on Lead

Swimming Pool and Spa Handout

Special Inspection and Testing Schedule


Who can obtain a Building Permit?

The building owner or a contractor licensed by the State of California can apply for a building permit.

Do I need a permit for flat concrete work in my backyard?

No you do not need a permit for flat concrete work in your backyard. If you are installing concrete in the front of your home please contact the Planning Department (925) 625-7036 to see if it is allowed on your property.

I would like to put up a shed, patio cover, or arbor. Do I need a permit?

Sheds, patio covers or arbors over 120 square feet or attached to a building, require a permit. If a shed is under 120 square feet and detached from a building a permit is not required. Patio Covers need a permit regardless of the size. Any electrical or plumbing work associated with the structure will require a permit. Regardless of the need for a permit, the structure will need to meet the required set backs to the property line and from the house, please see the Accessory Structure handout.

Do I need a permit for a yard or garage sale?

No you do not need a permit. There are limitations to the number of days, hours and the location of signage.