Important Phone Numbers and Links

(925) 625-7031
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Animal Control – CC County
Barking dogs, loose or dead animals.
Phone: 925-608-8400
Dispatch: 925-646-2441
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Parking Enforcement
Illegally parked cars on street. Abandoned cars parked on the street. Loud noise and party complaints.
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(925) 625-8060
Building Division/Inspection
Building code requirements, new construction and building permits.
(925) 625-7002
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Public Works & Engineering
Encroachment permits, malfunctioning traffic signals, speed hump inquires, damaged street or traffic control signs, potholes, debris in the street, street or sidewalk repair.
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Fire Department
Administrative Matters and Information.
(925) 634-3400
Landscape Maintenance
Overgrown trees or shrubs in parks or on City property.
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Application for land use, variance, sign permits or temporary banner permits. Zoning information.
(925) 625-7000
Solid Waste
Garbage was not picked up or service requests.
(925) 682-9113
Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control
Green swimming pools, mosquitoes, mice & rats, skunks, and ground nesting yellow jackets.
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Contra Costa Environmental Health Department
Unlicensed Mobile Food Vendors and roadside fruit sales
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