Application, Permit and Development Impact Fee Information

Whether you are looking to file an application for a tentative map, conditional use permit, or a wall sign, this section will provide the correct document.  Please feel free to contact the Planning Division with any and all questions pertaining to the applications below.

The City has prepared a document to help you understand the City’s Development Application Process.  That document can be accessed here:  Development Application Process

The City has also created a Special Event Permit Process Flowchart that can assist you in determining what type of permit is needed for a Special Event.


Universal Application Packet and Parts

Temporary Use Permit and Vendor Permit Applications

Sign Permit Applications

Short-Term Rental Permit Application

SB9 Ordinance, Checklist, and Forms

Large Family Child Care Facilities (No City Application)

Large Family Child Care Facilities are an important element of the City of Oakley.  They are licensed and regulated by the State Department of Social Services through the California Child Day Care Facilities Act.  In compliance with State law, the City may not require such licensed facilities to meet any specific requirements that a single-family residence would not be required to meet, and as a result, Large Family Child Care Facilities are permitted in any location a residential use is permitted, subject to state licensing requirements.  Also, the City may not require a Large Family Child Care Facility operator pay a Business License Tax or obtain a Business License.  Small Family Child Care Facilities are offered the same benefits and exemptions.

Application Guidelines and Procedures

Public Noticing

Development Impact Fees