Oakley Police Records Bureau

Hours Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

The Records Bureau is responsible for all reports that are generated by the Oakley Police Department. It is the repository, retrieval and records management center for all official incidents reports for the department. To contact the Records Bureau during office hours call (925)625-8855. The Records Bureau provides the following services to the public:

Stored Vehicle Release  $100.00
Police Reports/Accident Reports  $5.00
Local Criminal History Check   $25.00
Citation Sign-off                                                  Resident   Free     Non-resident  $39.00 

For Sex Registrations, Arson Registrations ,Drug Registrations and Gang registration we do this by appointment only

Every Wednesdays between 8:30-Noon. Call 625-8855 to make an appointment.