Police Department Documents

General Orders are the Police Department’s policies governing every aspect of our day-to-day operations and actions. Our General Orders are the culmination of laws, legal decisions, best practices and community input. They serve as a daily guide for our employees and are one of the many ways we ensure we maintain a professional workforce and act in a way that is consistent with training and national standards. Please visit this page again to see additional General Orders posted in the future.

Please be advised certain information may be redacted from the records being disclosed. Certain information contained within the document contains security information, which is exempt from disclosure pursuant to Government Code section 6254(f). In addition, some of the information contains sensitive information, tactical procedures on apprehending a suspect, or confidential law enforcement strategies the disclosure of which could jeopardize the safety of officers pursuant to Government Code section 6255.

Policy Section 100Law Enforcement Role and Authority

Policy Section 200 – Organization and Administration

Policy Section 300 – General Operations

Policy Section 400 – Patrol Operations

Policy 405 – Response to Bomb Calls (Restricted)

Policy 407 – Crisis Negotiation Team (Restricted)

Policy Section 500 – Traffic Operations

Policy Section 600 Investigations

Policy 602 – Informants (Restricted)

Policy Section 700 – Equipment

Policy Section 800 – Support Services

Policy Section 900 – Custody

Policy Section 1000 – Personnel

Policy Section 1100 – Appendices