Oakley Entrepreneur Program

The City of Oakley understands the importance of our small business community.  The growth of Oakley’s small businesses and entrepreneurs is vital to future local jobs, goods and services.  Oakley is home to over 700 businesses, with over 90% having fewer than 5 employees.  Almost half of these businesses are home-based.  The Oakley Entrepreneur Program is designed to strengthen the small business and entrepreneur community and  help them grow and expand in Oakley.

Entrepreneur Training Program

Are you are a small business owner looking to improve your business and sharpen your skills?

Are you serious about starting up a new business?

If you answered yes, then you may be interested in Oakley’s  Entrepreneur Training Program.    Oakley Economic Development  sponsors this 11-week program for existing Oakley businesses or Oakley residents serious about starting up a new business.

2015 Entrepreneur Training Class
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The Entrepreneur Training class is designed to walk students through the creation of a business plan, in order to help them gain the tools needed to successfully establish or grow their business.  For 2018, the class ran from March 6th – May 17th.  The classes were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. till noon at City Hall, located at 3231 Main Street.  Training scholarships of $1,000 per student were provided by the City for Oakley residents and/or business owners.  Scholarships did not include a $300 fee for registration and training materials.

Class size is purposely limited to allow for collaboration between the students and the instructor during the process of putting together the business plan for each business.   Previous classes have contained existing businesses as well as individuals in the process of starting up a business.  Past participants have given the following positive reviews from their experience:

  • “The Entrepreneur Program helped me develop a realistic plan, enabling me to actually start a company.” – Benjamin
  • “The Entrepreneur Training class was the perfect opportunity and the smartest thing we have done for our business.” … “We were shown tools to better understand how to reach our target market and to map out a smarter plan for the future of our company.” – Sasha
  •  “This class forces you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and individually evaluate the integral parts of what goes into making your business successful…” – Gerry
  • “The scholarship you gave me to experience a “complete business planning process” was equal to an education I would have received from any business college…Provided me with the executive skills to transition from employment into self-employment.” – Michael
  • “The main take away for me from this class was direction!  I know what I have done to this point and now I can honestly know where I am going.  I personally feel more confident about my business and myself.” – Monica

It is anticipated that the Entrepreneur Training class will be held on an annual basis at a similar time of year.  To learn more about the class as well as the future Oakley Entrepreneur Center, see the video below:

Oakley Entrepreneur Training

If  you would like to learn more about the program or the Oakley Entrepreneur Center, please contact Dwayne Dalman, Economic Development Manager, at (925) 625-7006 or by email at dalman@ci.oakley.ca.us.