General Plan Update

The City of Oakley has initiated a targeted update to its existing General Plan.  The City Council awarded a contract to De Novo Planning Group, out of Sacramento, to assist in the preparation of the update.  De Novo Planning Group is an extremely capable firm that has local experience in that they recently assisted the City of Brentwood with their General Plan update and are currently working with the City of Pittsburg on their General Plan update.  The update is expected to take up to sixteen months to complete.  The first step in the process will be to obtain input from the City Council, members of the public and various community stakeholders. 

It should be noted that the update is not anticipating any changes to current land use designations.  The City, although not entirely built-out, has over 4,000 entitled homes yet to be constructed with many of the land use designations already in place.  This targeted update will focus on the following three areas:

  • Environmental Justice (Compliance with SB 1000) – The City will analyze environmental justice determinants affecting Oakley, including pollution and hazards exposure, air quality, water quality and supply, access to public facilities and services, including parks, transit, and civic facilities, opportunities for physical activity, including bicycle and pedestrian components of the transportation system, access to healthy foods, safe and sanitary housing, physical health indicators, and opportunities for civic and community engagement.  Goals, policies and programs to address environmental justice issues will be recommended as a result of this analysis.
  • Mobility (Compliance with SB 743) – The City will provide recommendations for updating the Circulation Element to conform to State legislation adopted in recent years concerning complete streets and vehicle miles traveled (VMT).
  • Climate Change and Adaptation (Compliance with SB 379) – The City will identify its vulnerability to climate change risks, including sea level rise, stream flow, fire hazards, extreme temperatures, and water supply changes.


The City Council held a Work Session on October 22, 2019. Please find the Staff Report and the White Papers regarding Environmental Justice and Climate Change for the Work Session below.

October 22, 2019 City Council Meeting Video of the Work Session

The City Council held a Work Session on September 10, 2019. Please find the Staff Report and Oakley Visioning Report for the Work Session below.

The City Council held a Work Session on May 14, 2019. Please find the Staff Report for the Work Session below.

We want to hear from you so we can chart a path for Oakley’s continued prosperity. We have two upcoming workshops and need your input! The workshops will address the vision for Oakley’s future as well as State law requirements related to mobility and circulation, environmental justice, and climate change adaption.  The workshops will be held at the Oakley Community Recreation Center (1250 O’Hara Avenue, Oakley).

#1 – Wednesday, June 5th at 6:00 pm: Vision and Priorities

#2 – Wednesday, June 12nd at 6:00 pm: Mobility


The City Council authorized Staff to release a Request for Proposals/Request for Qualifications at its January 8, 2019 City Council Meeting. Please find the January 8, 2019 Staff Report and Request for Proposals/Request for Qualifications below.

The City Council approved the contract with De Novo Planning Group to complete the Oakley General Plan Update at its March 12, 2019 City Council Meeting. Please find the March 12, 2019 Staff Report below.