Planning/Land Use

How do I find out if I need a permit for my fence?

The permitted location and maximum height of fences in residential areas are subject to the property’s zoning and size. Most fences separating two properties can be up to seven feet high (over 6 feet requires a building permit), but fences along street sides or in front of the house are required to be shorter. You may contact the Planner on Call at 925-625-7000 to inquire further about fencing on your property. Please note that staff is unable to verify location of side and pear property lines or settle any neighbor disputes regarding those property lines. Owners should look into hiring a land surveyor for property line verification.

How do I view the Oakley General Plan?

You may view the Oakley 2020 General Plan here. Please not the Figures are separate files, and will not be shown in the General Plan text. If you need further assistance, please call 925-625-7000 to speak to the Planner on Call.