Oakley Entrepreneur Center

Oakley Entrepreneur Center

The Oakley Entrepreneur Program is designed to strengthen Oakley’s small business and entrepreneur community and help them to grow and expand.  In order to help achieve these goals, the City of Oakley has built the Oakley Entrepreneur Center in downtown Oakley. The Entrepreneur Center is  located in the upstairs space of the building located at 3330 Main Street, across from the Civic Center Plaza.

The Entrepreneur Center is designed to be the potential next step for Oakley’s start-up and home-based entrepreneurs.  As these small businesses grow, there is a need for office space that is more affordable and less capital intensive than typical office space.  The Entrepreneur Center is fully furnished, and able to accommodate 12-15 businesses.  The 2,200 square foot space include:

  • Individual offices (Individual offices have all been leased)
  • Large & small conference rooms
  • Co-working space
  • Internet connectivity through a wireless network

Work on the Entrepreneur Center was completed in April and tenants have currently moved into the space!  Tours of the space are available for prospective tenants as well as planned open house events in the future.  The following pictures show the space:

The co-working space includes two co-working desks for four people and a stand-up desk to accommodate two people.  In addition there are and lounge chairs.  The large conference room can accommodate 10 – 12 people and the small conference room can accommodate four people.

Rent for the individual offices will be $350 per month and $250 per month for the co-working space.  Rent payments will include all utilities, access to the wireless network and use of a common printer.  Tenants will be expected to provide their own laptops and cellular phones.

In addition to the use of the facilities, tenants in the Entrepreneur Center can benefit from small business programs offered by Oakley’s Economic Development program, including Business Plan training programs, business workshops, coaching and networking activities.

Meet the Tenants

Meet the Tenants

Fidelis Advertising
eFlow Solar Energy

As one of the Bay Area’s first solar companies, eFlow Solar Energy prides itself on 12 years in business and many more to follow. Located in the heart of Oakley, we offer not only Solar Installation services but Car-Charging and Battery Backup Systems as well. Working with our customers we custom design each system to fit our customers unique needs while ensuring maximum savings. We believe in customer service the old fashioned way – rest assured that we will be here to be your life-long energy partner for the future. To find out how much money you could be saving by going solar, visit our website www.eflowenergy.com or call (888) 305-SOLAR today!

DellaChiesa Hospitality

With an extensive background in restaurant operations, training, and technology, we use our real-world experience to develop total-solution technology packages for our clients.

We know all too well how frustrating it is to utilize a system that appears to be “off the shelf” or to be connected with a help desk tech with no operational experience.  DellaChiesa Hospitality brings a unique and refreshing perspective to restaurant technology.

Our passion is providing clients with cost-effective, integrated, scalable and easy-to-use systems that simply work the way they should.

  • Email, calendar and storage solutions
  • POS / KDS
  • Online and mobile ordering
  • Credit card / gift card processing
  • Loyalty
  • Phone and internet solutions
  • Music / sound systems
  • Networks and WiFi systems
  • Digital signage / menu boards
  • Table tracker / paging / host systems
  • Wiring / cable pulling
  • Security cameras
  • Website / social media management
  • Scheduling / training solutions
  • Reporting / budgeting tools

Entrepreneur Center Events & Programs

Human Resources for Business Owners workshop

Do you struggle to keep up with the changing laws and Human Resources demands for your business?  On Friday,  October 25th the Entrepreneur Center will host a workshop entitled “Human Resources for Business Owners”.   This course will take business owners through local and state laws regarding human resources management.  Business owners will learn how to develop plans to manage their own workforce, including:  applications, payroll, state sick time laws, coaching plans, professional development and more.  This class is a must for any business owner with existing employees as well as businesses that are looking to expand and hire new talent in the future!

The workshop will be offered at the Entrepreneur Center on Friday, October 25th, from 10:00 am till noon.  Cost to attend is $20 and payment can be made at the Oakley City Hall to reserve a space.  Please call (925) 625-7006 or email dalman@ci.oakley.ca.us to reserve your space.

Click here to view the workshop brochure.


The use of co-working spaces have expanded as a viable option in recent years, but some are not familiar with what it entails or the potential advantages.  A co-working space is a place where you can go as often as your schedule allows, sit down at a desk, couch or lounge chair and work among other entrepreneurs.  Some advantages that you may realize include the following:


Working from home presents an abundance of distractions. Keeping work separate from home allows you to keep structure in your life and provide you a reason to get out of the house.

Becoming More Effective

An office environment creates an energy and mindset that can only come from interacting with fellow workers. In a co-working space, where everyone is busy on their own passion projects, this energy can be contagious.

Avoiding Loneliness

It’s often said that the life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one. Though you’ll be working on your own business, a co-working space surrounds you with like-minded people who have picked an independent lifestyle that matches yours.

Networking Through Co-working

Working alone places a barrier between you and people who could potentially help your business. Co-working puts you near people who might have vastly different skill-sets or solutions to problems, allowing you to “pick their brains”.


If you’re starting to consider office space, you may not be able to commit to a long-term lease, buy furniture and pay utility bills.  A co-working space takes care of these issues and allows you the flexibility you need at this stage of your business growth.


If you are interested in being part of the Entrepreneur Center, the City is now accepting applications.  Please fill out the application below and return to Oakley City Hall, care of  Economic Development.  Please note that all of the individual offices have been leased, however co-working spaces are still available.

Entrepreneur Center Application

Eligibility Requirements

We are excited about the Oakley Entrepreneur Center opening and look forward to better serving Oakley’s small business and entrepreneur community.  Please continue to visit this page to access upcoming Entrepreneur Center programs and activities.  Feel free to also contact me with any questions or comments you may have.  I can be reached at (925) 625-7006 or by email at dalman@ci.oakley.ca.us.

Dwayne Dalman

Economic Development Manager, City of Oakley