VIB Program

Oakley V.I.B.

—Very Important Business—


The City of Oakley understands the positive impact that local businesses have on our community.  Oakley’s Economic Development program is highlighting local companies through the Oakley V.I.B. Program.  Staff is now visiting local companies to learn more about their business and to showcase them to the Oakley community.

If you would like your business to be featured through this program, please call Harumi Murata, Economic Development at (925) 625-7006.

Featured Oakley Businesses

January 2022


5351 Neroly Rd, Oakley, CA 94561
Phone: 925.864.8559

Company Bio

Golfixx’s mission is to create a space that Golfers of all abilities can enjoy with family or friends. The indoor facility is located at 5351 Neroly Rd at the former “Pump It Up” building.  We feature high-quality indoor video Golf Instruction/Lessons and also rent the private space (Family’s and private parties) to practice your swing or play indoor golf at over 145 golf courses from all over the world using top of the industry TrackMan 4 Launch monitor and TrackMan’s Virtual Golf 2 Simulator. The TrackMan simulator also offers multiple golfing games for all ages.

Pioneering Golf Swing Instruction Center in Oakley

Golfixx is the first of its kind in east Contra Costa County, opening in December of 2020! Our mission from the start was to create a space that Golfers of all abilities could receive quality video instruction in a private space with no distractions. Golfers of all abilities can enjoy with family or friends. I strongly encourage beginners to come and sign up for lessons so that they can get a good start on the basics and understanding of the golf swing.

My inspiration to open Golfixx was my absolute passion for the game of golf and the enjoyment I get out of teaching.  Watching someone improve at golf and the excitement they show when they hit good shots is the payoff for me. I had spent over 30 years in the Golf Industry, so we thought what a great way to continue what I love. Plus, with the recent uptick in the popularity of golf, I thought it was the right time.  My goals for Golfixx are to include Club Fitting to my facility. We are currently looking for a manufacturer to partner with as we believe that will add to my clients’ experience when they visit.

By Dane Judson GOLFIXX, Owner / Instructor

September 2021

Brownstones Garden

91 Brownstone Rd, Oakley, CA 94561
(925) 418-4532

 Company Bio

Brownstone Gardens is an enchanting garden venue, one of the oldest and largest private gardens in Oakley, hidden among an abundance of majestic towering trees and shrubbery.  A perfect venue for your special wedding ceremony and reception, anniversary party, baby shower, or any other gathering of friends, family, and loved ones.  The lush garden setting makes for a beautiful backdrop in creating that unique ambiance for any occasion with memories to last a lifetime.

Service, Venue, and Industry Trend

Brownstone Gardens works with their preferred vendors to specialize customized menus specifically how you want for your event.  With a 65-foot-long aisle way ending at the classically designed temple, this is the perfect location for your ceremony that is large enough to fit all your guests and a private bar.  The contemporary and neutral aesthetics promise “serviceableness” with any wedding theme you desire.  The surrounding fence on three sides are covered with pink & white climbing roses, and Brownstone Living Wall is on the fourth side.

2021 season to be one of the busiest years for weddings as a result of pent-up demand for the return of in-person celebrations.  Interestingly, pandemic opened many couples’ eyes to the benefit of weekday weddings that offer greater vender flexibility.

Brownstone’s Heritage in Oakley

The dream that became Brownstone Gardens started with an Oakley resident Bob Wiemholt’s simple enjoyment of the beautiful landscape.  Bob’s inspiration to begin the garden came in the form of his own 25th wedding anniversary.  With the number of guests expected to attend, it was decided that the celebration should be outdoors.  Spurred into action, Bob began building his dream.  At the anniversary celebration, their daughter announced her engagement and her own wish to be married at home.  Fueled by a new inspiration, the dream began to grow into a reality.

By October of 2000, the place became under construction.  In 2003, Bob’s second and third daughters were also married in the gardens completing the circle.  The Wiemholt family is proud to present their dream to the public, has made many precious memories at the garden, and would love to be a part of your “Happily Ever After”.

March 2020

Sunshine House Preschool
875 W. Cypress Road
(925) 625-5600

Company Bio

Sunshine House Preschool is a local, family-owned, all-day preschool where “you will find the personal touch to satisfy your family’s educational daycare needs.”  Sunshine House has been in business for 33 years, including 23 years in Oakley.  

Completely unique to Sunshine House is its propriety learning program, which incorporates all learning styles.  Children are placed in teacher directed learning groups according to their developmental level.  Outside of learning groups, opportunity for mixed play (2-5 years) provides advanced language and social development.  This perfect balance of teacher-led learning and free choice academic activities, has children soaring towards lifelong learning.    

Sunshine House is most proud of their teaching staff.   Staff’s average tenure is an unheard of 10 years!  Sunshine House is a year-round, affordable preschool with open enrollment. Admission preference is given to friends and families of currently enrolled children.  To learn more about Sunshine House Preschool, visit their website at

1.   How is your business doing?  Sunshine House Preschool has been in business for 33 years.  We have five locations –  one in Oakley, three in Brentwood and one in Martinez.  We have been in Oakley for 23 years…and looking for our next location.

2.   What is happening in your industry?  Public awareness has become keen about the absolute necessity for quality early childhood education.  It has been said, that it makes more sense that if you had to borrow money for your child’s education, that you would invest in the early years above college, so crucial is this time!

3.   What made you choose an Oakley location?  We had a successful program in Brentwood and parents from the Oakley area were clamoring to get into our school.  We found a spec house and converted it.

4.   How does Oakley compare to other locations?  Parents say they choose Sunshine House because it shines in comparison to other programs for:

  • Super clean and organized
  • 10 years average teacher tenure
  • Lower teacher – to – student ratios
  • Children learn in groups based on development levels – can interact with children of all age levels
  • Balance of academic learning and innovative play opportunities
  • The only preschool that potty trains

5.   How would you rate your interaction with the City of Oakley?  We love the new idea of the VIB website…Brilliant!

February, 2020

Stonecrest Lending

2170-A Main Street

(925) 625-1471

Company Bio

Stonecrest Lending is a local mortgage company that provides residential financing and education while specializing in home loans for Veterans, their friends and families. With over 30 years of experience in the loan industry, Stonecrest understands all the ins and outs of the home loan process. Stonecrest Lending started in 2008 and offers VA Loans, FHA Loans and Conventional financing.  They stay in constant communication with their clients through each step of the loan process, educating them and making sure that they are aware and understand exactly what is going on during their transaction.

The company’s mission is “to help our clients achieve the home ownership dream and to be there for them not only during the entire home loan process but for life.”    To learn more about Stonecrest Lending, visit their website at

1.   How is your business doing?  Business is doing well.  The majority of our business comes from Oakley residents, referrals, and our workshops.

2.   What is happening in your industry?  A lot of people got out of the business during the recession.  We opened in the middle of the recession and became established.  We specialize in home loans for Veterans.

3.   What sets your business apart from your competitors?  We are a wholesale residential mortgage broker.  This gives us more lenders to choose from, allowing us to help more clients.  Education is a big part of the service we provide.  We provide workshops for realtors and veterans to educate them on VA loans.  We also do mortgage education workshops to help families get a better understanding of the home buying process.

4.   What made you choose an Oakley location?  We thought the Oakley market was underserved, and opened our Oakley location in 2008.  All of our employees either live in Oakley or have family roots in Oakley.

5.   How would you rate your interaction with the City of Oakley?  All of our interactions with the City have been good.