November 2022 Election Updates

Council Member Election Information

The General Municipal Election will be held on November 8, 2022, for one (1) Council Member from District 2 and one (1) Council Member from District 4, each for a term of four years. Only residents residing in Districts 2 and 4 will vote for Council Member in the 2022 election; residents in Districts 1, 3, and 5 will elect their representatives in November 2024.

The nomination period for this election will be held July 18, 2022 through August 12, 2022. Candidate papers required to run for office may be obtained and filed during the nomination period during regular business hours at the Office of the City Clerk, Oakley City Hall, 3231 Main Street in Oakley.

For more information, please visit

Interested persons must be registered to vote, reside within the district they are running for office (either District 2 or District 4) within the City of Oakley, and are strongly encouraged to call to make an appointment with the City Clerk’s Office to review and obtain papers to run for office in advance of the August 12, 2022 deadline.

For additional information, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 925-625-7000. Information regarding districts can be found at


Candidate information will be populated during the nomination period.

Candidate NameDistrictDocuments IssuedDocuments SubmittedDate QualifiedCandidate Information
Shannon Shaw47/18/228/2/228/3/2022Email:
Ronald Jones28/2/22TBDPendingEmail:
Hugh Henderson28/3/228/9/228/10/22Email:
Shelly Fitzgerald28/4/228/8/20228/9/22Email:
Laura Medina48/9/22TBDPendingEmail:
Adam Gerhart48/10/22TBDPendingEmail: