Urban Forestry/ Tree Program

Trees and shrubs planted along city streets, in our parks, and on private property provide a variety of benefits to both the citizens and the environment. In addition to beauty, trees provide a variety of practical benefits to communities including: reduction of air pollution through filtering carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants, screening of views and noises, reduces storm water run-off, provides windbreak protection, soil erosion, and the saving of energy costs through shading.

The City of Oakley Urban Forest (Tree) Program seeks to preserve, protect, maintain, and enlarge Oakley’s public urban forest to optimize the above noted benefits.  To accomplish this goal, the City has established care standards for public trees (park trees, street trees, and trees growing on other city-owned properties). The Oakley Parks and Landscape Division has a tree pruning program, and when necessary, removal program, in effect. The Division currently contracts specialized tree work through West Coast Arborists, Inc.

If you see a dead or damaged tree, or limbs that may need pruning on City property, or any other tree related concern, please contact the Parks and Landscape Division at (925) 625-7015. Please give a brief description and location of the tree and/or limb in question, and reference if you would like a return call or email.

For private trees, the City licenses tree services and also has a permit system for tree removal. All heritage oak trees are protected. For more information on the permit process for tree removal contact the City of Oakley Development Services.

Tree Care Responsibilities