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Personnel Manual (All Personnel)

Oakley Police Officers Association MOU (Sworn Personnel)

Complete your timesheet through our online portal:

If you do not have a password to log in, contact the Human Resources Division or Finance Department.


Review the 2019-2020 Employee Benefits Guide to see a summary of the City of Oakley’s benefits available to full-time equivalent employees.

To learn if you are eligible for the benefits described in the Employee Benefits Guide, contact Human Resources.

Retirement Plans-ICMA-RC

The City offers 401(a) Money Purchase and 457(b) Deferred Compensation plans to help you save for retirement with convenience and tax advantages. As well as a payroll ROTH IRA and a Retirement Health Savings Plan (RHS).

To view the plan enrollment kits, please click on the links below. For any questions regarding these plans, please contact:

Isaiah Carter

Retirement Plan Specialist

Phone: 202-253-0411


Enrollment Kits:

ICMA Deferred Compensation 401a Plan Enrollment Packet
ICMA Deferred Compensation 457 Plan Enrollment Packet
VantageCare RHS Plan Enrollment/Change Form
Vantagepoint Roth IRA Application  (employee contributions only)
Guided Pathways Managed Account Video

To make changes to your deferred compensation plan contribution, please complete the following form:

Contribution Change Form (457 Plan)

Informational Resources:

RHS Employee Q&A
Get to Know Your RHS
Why Managed Accounts
457 Roth Another Way
Match Roth IRA with 457


If you are currently enrolled for benefits and would like to make a change to your plan or policy, please see the forms below:

Dependents change to your medical plan:     Cal Choice Plan Change Form

Dependents change to your vision plan:   Vision Service Plan Change Form

Dependents change to your dental plan:   Delta Dental Change Form

Beneficiary changes to your Life and AD&D Plan:   Standard Insurance Change Form

If you enrolled in our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefit during open enrollment, or upon hire, you should have received an email from our FSA provider. You can pay for most transactions using your FSA credit card. Please do not discard your FSA cards after you’ve depleted your FSA monies as the cards are reusable and you will have to pay to receive new cards. For more information about your Flexible Spending Account benefit and how to use the online portal to monitor your expenses, read the FSA Welcome Packet:

A claim form is available for any eligible medical expenses, or for any dependent care claims you need to be reimbursed for. Please use the claim form below.

In order to be reimbursed monies due to your use of the Tuition Reimbursement Program, please complete the following form:



Click on the following links for more information on the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Travel Assistance Program.  Also see the EAP benefit summary & Travel Assistance benefit description.

Throughout your employment with the City of Oakley, you may find it necessary to make personal changes and the following forms will come in handy:

Changes to Federal Withholding:  2020-W-4

Changes to State Withholding:     DE-35   and    DE-4

Other helpful forms:

As you continue to “sharpen the saw” by attending trainings and growing professionally, we would greatly appreciate it if you assisted the Human Resources Department by completing the following spreadsheet after each training. This way, you can track your own training and provide updates and certificates of completion to the HR.

Professional Development Spreadsheet