Planning Commission

2023 Planning Commissioners

CommissionerVice ChairChairCommissionerCommissioner
Leonard PriceDiego VerduzcoOleksii ChuikoJimmy RamirezJeanne Krieg
(925) 625-7000(925) 625-7000(925) 625-7000(925) 625-7000(925) 625-7000
Term Expires: October 2025Term Expires: October 2025Term Expires: October 2025Term Expires: February 2025Term Expires: February 2025

The City of Oakley Planning Commission is comprised of five members appointed by the City Council on an at-large basis. All members of the Planning Commission are residents of the City of Oakley. Commissioners serve four-years terms, with the exception of the re-establishment of the Commission in 2021 where two members are serving partial two-year terms and three members are serving partial four-year terms.

The Planning Commission will conduct public hearings on all Planning land use entitlements, either as the adopting body, or serving as a recommendation body to the City Council, depending on the type of application. Entitlements subject to adoption by the Planning Commission include tentative parcel maps, conditional use permits, and design reviews.

Planning Commission meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. and held in the City of Oakley Council Chambers. Additional Planning Commission meetings may be held on third Tuesday of any given month if the need arises.

For more information on the Planning Commission, please contact the City of Oakley Planning Division at (925) 625-7000.