Group Picnic Sites

There are four group picnic sites available for rent, Creekside, Crockett Park, Nunn Wilson Park and Summer Lake Park.

If you are interested in reserving a group picnic area. Follow the instructions below to reserve one of the four group picnic areas listed.

You are able to reserve a picnic area 90 days in advance on our website.

  1. Navigate to and click on the green tab that says Picnic Rentals. You will see a brief description of the park and then you will see a bold title that says “Make Reservation” and a calendar near that. You will be able to select from the green dates and then select the time and click add to cart.
  2. Reservation Prompts- These are a series of questions that relate to  your rental, please answer those questions and then click submit.
  3. Liability Waiver-You can read through the waiver and then you will click the check box to agree to the waiver and then click confirm waiver agreement.
  4. Payment Screen- This screen will show you what your fee estimate is and you will click review transaction to continue.
  5. Review and Confirm- You will see the park name, date and time as well as the fee that you will be responsible for. Once you have reviewed this you will hit complete transaction and you will be able to print a copy of your transaction.
  6. Receipt- This is NOT your permit. This process will allow our staff to view your request and approve it. Once approved our staff will send you an email to make the payment for your rental fee as well as your refundable damage deposit. After you make a payment you will be able to print your receipt, and our staff will send you a copy of your permit.

Creekside Park

6928292536_c9b38688ed_n Amenities :
Large Grass Area
Picnic Tables
Water play Feature (Closed for the season)
Walking Path
Group Picnic Area
Basketball Court
Sports Fields
Bocce Ball Courts

Crockett Park 

Crockett Amenities :
Large Grass Area
All- Abilities play structure
Picnic Tables
BMX Park (Closed)
Tennis court
Basketball Court

Summer Lake Park

Summer Lake Park Amenities:
Grass Area
Picnic Tables
Trail Access
Sports Field
Tennis Court

Nunn Wilson Family Park 

This park also features a  group picnic area available for reservations.