Sports Field & Dog Park Status Open or Closed

Sports Fields Status Updated
Laurel  Ballfields Park CLOSED 04/05/2020
Summer Lake Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Creekside Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Cypress Grove Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Freedom Basin Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Magnolia Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Shady Oak Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Holly Creek Park  CLOSED 04/05/2020
Koda Dog Park CLOSED 04/05/2020

Due to the COVID19 virus restrictions – all sports fields and the Koda Dog Park will remain closed thru May 3rd.  This date may be extended.

NOTE:  The field status web page is not updated on weekends or holidays. Field users are primarily responsible for determining playability status on weekends if the date is not indicated above as closed. See below Policy.


Use of sports fields when wet or saturated may cause extensive field damage resulting in extended field closure and costly renovations. As a league official, coach, parent and/or resident, we need you to help us guard against and protect our sports fields for long term enjoyment by many users from uninformed, selfish, and/or careless individuals.The purpose of this policy is to inform users about the need to exercise good judgment when balancing the priority to maintain fields in good condition over the long-term, and the desirability to practice or play games.The primary factors to use when deciding whether to proceed with a practice or game are safety (including lighting), and equally important, the risk of damage to the field. We acknowledge rain is a tricky thing. It is really not about the rain or lack of rain, but about the condition of the field. Often times it may start raining, but the field is in good condition, and the practice or game can go on. Other times, it will not be raining but the field is not playable due to rain the prior night or during the day. Always err on the side of caution.As a general rule/policy, No games or practices are allowed during or after heavy rain fall (1/4” in a 24 hour period) for at least a minimum of 24 hours thereafter, and more than likely the field will need to be closed for a 48 hour period. Additional closure time may be needed if there have been on-going heavy rains and the field is saturated. If you have questions about the use/playability of a field call the Recreation Division at 925-625-7044. If you see damage or safety hazards, please report it to the Oakley Parks Division at 925-625-7015. If you see individuals or a team on a field when it should not be used call the Recreation Division, Parks Division or the Oakley Police Department at 925-625-8060. Your cooperation is extremely important. Failure to abide by these instructions (policy) may result in forfeiture of loss of use of the fields and/or field reservation deposits.Note: Events cancelled due to rain or wet field may have their fee refunded or credited, or event rescheduled for a future use to occur with-in a six (6) month period.