Report Illegal Fireworks



Like all cities in Contra Costa County, the City of Oakley has imposed a ban on fireworks of all types, including “safe and sane” fireworks, such as sparklers, that are usually used by children. Fireworks are VERY dangerous and thousands of people are harmed each year. Sparklers, for example, can reach over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and they account for a large percentage of fireworks-related injuries to children under the age of five and 10 percent of fireworks-related injuries overall.

Oakley Municipal Code 4.1.102

No person shall possess, manufacture, sell, use or discharge, or offer to do so, any fireworks (including “dangerous,” “safe and sane,” and other fireworks) as defined in or pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 12502 through 12534, other than emergency signaling devices, as defined therein, properly used by railroads, peace officers, firefighters, and motorists.

Preventative Measures

To help curtail the use of fireworks and to make more effective our enforcement actions, the City believes it is important to employ preventative measures. This includes public education to remind residents that fireworks are illegal, are very dangerous, can cause fires and serious damage to property, and can disturb neighbors, pets, people with disabilities and Veterans who suffer from PTSD.

These preventative efforts also include encouraging residents to anonymously advise us of those in Oakley that are known to have used fireworks and the Oakley Police Department will make contact prior to upcoming celebratory holidays. The Police Department will emphasize our zero tolerance and that additional enforcement will be conducted – specifically at and near the addresses that have been identified. We are hopeful that this and other preventative measures will have a positive impact.

We do need your help and encourage you to inform us by calling the non-emergency line at (925) 625-8060 or 911 for emergencies to report locations that are setting off fireworks.