COVID-19 Information Page

COVID-19 Prevention Program


Employee Rights Poster for Paid Sick Leave & EFMLA

2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

COVID-19 Prevention Plans:

City Hall Plan

Recreation Center Plan

Public Works Operations Building Plan


Vaccination Status Form

Authorization for Disclosure & Use of Medical Information

Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Request Form

Request Form for Retroactive Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act Request

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request  

Employee Certification to Return to Work

Agreement to Repayment of Leave

Agreement to Repay Cost of Continued Benefits


Policy & Protocols for Testing

Policy & Protocols for Temperature Testing & Screening

Social Distancing & Individual Responsibility in the Workplace Policy

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Leave Policy

Policy & Protocols for Use & Disclosure of Medical Information Related to COVID

Policy & Protocols for Cleaning & Disinfecting the Workplace

Telecommuting Program Application and Guidelines

Income Replacement through California Employment Development Department:

Please be advised that you may be eligible to file a claim for income replacement including Disability Insurance (if you yourself are sick or were exposed to COVID), Paid Family Leave (if caring for a quarantined family member) or Unemployment Insurance if you’ve experience reduced hours or a temporary furlough. Visit the link below to learn more and submit a claim.

Please notify Human Resources if you will proceed with an Unemployment Claim.  Link to California Employment Development Department


Benefit Updates Summary (for current benefit-eligible staff)

Agreement to Repay Cost of Continued Benefits

ICMA Change Forms:

457 Plan or 401a Plan

ICMA Deferred Compensation Plan Loan

If you are benefit-eligible and wish to enroll in medical benefits mid-year please contact HR so that we can open our benefit tracking system, Ease, for you to make changes online. Please note that these mid-year enrollments are allowed by the carrier but are not compliant with IRS Section 125, thus contributions cannot be made pre-tax.