Oakley Youth Advisory Council

The Oakley Youth Advisory Council is a council of youth representatives that help plan and attend events in the City for youth and their families and advise the City of Oakley on policies that pertain to our youth community. They meet on the 1st Wednesday from August to May at the Recreation Center from 5pm to 6pm.

The Youth Advisory Council focuses on enriching experiences for youths in ways that influence them using the 40 Developmental Assets. These Assets are values, skills, and experiences that youth need to develop and grow to be caring, responsible members of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to join the Council?

The Council is open for youth who live in Oakley or attend school in Oakley between 6th and 12th grade.

How do I apply to join the Youth Council?

The first step in joining the Council is to complete the OYAC Application, once received the Council will invite you to an interview.