Information Related to the City of Oakley’s 2023-2031 Housing Element Update

Greetings from the City of Oakley:

On November 29, 2022, the City of Oakley received a comment letter from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) on the Draft Housing Element. The City reviewed these comments, revised the document, and prepared the Revised HCD Review Draft Housing Element (Housing Element).  The Housing Element includes tracked changes from the previous version submitted to HCD in August of 2022. In addition to the HCD Revised Housing Element including tracked changes, to help the reader track those revisions, an attachment to the Housing Element that outlines the comments from HCD’s letter with responses from the City describing how and where comments were addressed in the Housing Element is also linked below.

For more information related to the City of Oakley 2023-2031 Housing Element Update and/or to sign up for future updates, please visit:

Youth Employment Workshop

Saturday, March 11th from 10am-Noon the Oakley Youth Advisory Council will be hosting the Annual Youth Employment Workshop and Job Fair at the Oakley Recreation Center.

This event includes FREE LUNCH, job search assistance, application tips and tricks, mock interviews and more.

If you are an employer in the Oakley area and would like to have a table at the event please contact Lindsey at

Oakley’s Got Talent

Oakley’s Got Talent is no longer just for the kids! In 2023 we are excited to announce that adults will now have their own category.

Do you sing, dance, play an instrument or have another talent? The City of Oakley Recreation Division wants you to audition for Oakley’s Got Talent on Wednesday April 5th from 6-7pm and April 12th from 7-8pm at the Oakley Recreation Center. For those that are unable to audition you can submit your video submission online by clicking here submissions must be received by April 12th.

For more information contact the Recreation Division at 925-625-7041 or email

Oakley Police Department Update on Activity from December 9, 2022

On December 9, 2022 the Oakley Police Department investigated a petty theft involving a male suspect who was a 17 year old juvenile. We previously reported on this event, but there have been additional developments.

Our officers took this person into custody and transported him home to be turned over to his foster parent. Under current legal practices transporting juveniles home to a guardian is a common practice when they are arrested for misdemeanor crimes.

While at the home of the foster parent our officer was simply going through the process of releasing the juvenile to the foster parent. The juvenile suddenly attacked our officer by punching our officer in the upper body area. The juvenile also stole the police radio from the possession of our officer and attempted to violently strike our officer with it. Our officer took the juvenile to the ground and attempted to gain control of him. The juvenile violently resisted against our Officer and continued to fight our officer, even to the point of reaching for our officers holstered gun in an attempt to gain control of it.

Other officers arrived and the juvenile was detained. After this incident the juvenile was booked into juvenile hall for a series of violent felony crimes against our officer.

At some point while the juvenile was in custody at juvenile hall it was determined he was also responsible for a violent attack on an elderly female on a San Francisco Muni bus on December 3, 2022. On December 29, 2022 the juvenile was transferred from the Contra Costa County juvenile hall to a San Francisco facility to be booked for the attack on the elderly woman.

“I am proud of my officers for always standing up against the criminal element and taking appropriate action whenever possible. I am grateful our officer is ok and I hope the lady in San Francisco is doing well too. This case simply underscores, yet again, violent crime can happen anywhere and it will continue to do so with so many violent criminals allowed to be in our society. I urge everybody to exercise diligence and awareness as you go about your daily activities. In the meantime the men and the women of the Oakley Police Department will continue working hard to protect potential victims against violent acts.”

~Chief Paul Beard

Application for Appointment by the Oakley City Council for Planning Commissioner

In 2021, the Oakley City Council re-established the Planning Commission as a separate body. On May 3, 2022, the Planning Commission held its first meeting since being re-established. Due to two (2) Planning Commissioners being elected to the Oakley City Council, there are two (2) vacancies on the Planning Commission that need to be filled. The Planning Commission is tasked with:

  • Deciding on all matters referred to by the Zoning Administrator, Parcel Maps (fewer than 5 parcels), Conditional Use Permits and Design Review (when not a Staff level approval).
  • Making recommendations to the City Council on all proposed development agreements, zone changes, zoning text amendments, adoption or amendments to specific plans or the General Plan, and other legislative land-use matters.
  • Periodically reviewing the Capital Improvement Program.
  • Approving, adopting, or certifying environmental documents, to the extent required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), for any matters for which the commission is the deciding body.
  • For matters in which the Planning Commission acts as a recommending body, it shall make recommendations concerning any CEQA documents in conjunction with its recommendations concerning the merits of the proposed actions.

The City Council will appoint two Planning Commissioners, one to serve the remainder of a four-year term and the other to serve the remainder of a two-year term. Please keep in mind, the initial appointments required a staggered appointment of two and four-year terms.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, January 27, 2023 @ 5:00 PM. Appointment of the Commissioners is expected to take place at either the February 14th or February 28th City Council Meeting. Applicants are highly encouraged to attend as the City Council may have questions of applicants.

Commissioners will be required to file Fair Political Practices Commission Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) and comply with all regulations regarding conflicts of interest. Commissioners receive no compensation for their participation.  All Commissioners will receive ethics and Brown Act training in addition to training specific to land use and environmental law. The selected Commissioners should be prepared to attend the League of California Cities Planning Commissioners Academy in Garden Gove, California from March 29th thru March 31st, 2023. The City of Oakley does pay for the Planning Commissioners Academy and related travel expenses.

For additional information and applications to apply, please contact Community Development Director, Brent Smith at (925) 625-7004 or Those interested can also download the application by clicking here.

Coming Soon: Delta Residents Survey

The Delta Residents Survey is a research project being conducted by the University of California Sea Grant program and Sacramento State University, with funding from the Delta Science Program, a state-funded research program for the Delta. The main objective of this research survey is to gain a better understanding of the attitudes, values and well-being of Delta residents related to social and environmental issues. The survey offers the opportunity for community members to have their voices and priorities heard by Delta decision-makers in state and local governments, so that communities’ perspectives can be better represented in policy and management decisions about the Delta.

Please support the DELTA RESIDENTS SURVEY, an important research project being conducted by University of California, California State University and the California state government, to understand and represent Delta community members’ perspectives on key environmental issues

  • Who is doing this research? The survey research is being conducted by a collaborative team across the University of California (including CA Sea Grant, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley), CSU Sacramento State University Institute for Social Research, with research funding from the Delta Science Program, a state government funded research program on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. There is no partisan or political affiliation.
  • What is the purpose of the survey? The survey aims to better understand residents’ attitudes and experiences with social and environmental issues in the Delta. The survey approach follows scientific methods to target a demographically representative sample and develop accurate data on residents’ attitudes, priorities and values around key issues. The data will be shared with Delta decision-makers to provide on-the-ground public opinion data.
  • Who is eligible to respond to the survey? Invitations to participate in the survey will be sent to approximately 50,000 residential addresses across the rural, urban and suburban Delta region. Invitations will be arriving in late January through February 2023. The invitation letters will provide instructions on how to access the survey online, on a mobile device, or to request a paper copy.
  • How will the data be used? Why should residents respond?  Delta decision-makers have more data on the water flows, fish populations and levees in the Delta than they do on the experiences and perspectives of the nearly 1.5 million people that live in and around the Delta. The Delta Residents Survey aims to collect this important data so that decisions can better incorporate community members perspectives. All responses are anonymous. All participants will be provided a $5 gift card after completing the survey, as a small token of appreciation for their time. Survey results will be available through the Delta Stewardship Council’s Social Science webpage: 

Point of contact: Please feel free to reach out to the lead researcher on the project, Dr. Jessica Rudnick ( | (916) 902-6596), at any time with any questions, concerns or requests for additional information. Dr. Rudnick is a University of California Sea Grant extension specialist working in the Delta. She specializes in environmental social science and better understanding communities’ experiences and perspectives on social and environmental issues.

City Hall Holiday Closure beginning December 15th at 11:30am

City Hall will be closed, except for the Police Department, starting at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 15th until 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 3rd. The Police Department will remain open, and the Police Department non-emergency line is (925) 625-8060.

Limited building inspections will be provided, as outlined below:

Building Inspections will be available Monday, December 19th through Thursday, December 22nd & Tuesday, December 27th through Thursday, December 29th, between the hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm. Please make sure to call in all inspection requests to (925) 625-7005. **All requests need to be called in before 7am**

The Public Works Department will have inspections available Monday, December 19th through Thursday, December 22nd & Tuesday, December 27th through Wednesday, December 28th, between the hours of 7:30am – 3:30pm. Please make sure to call in all inspection requests to (408) 420-1462.

Construction will not be allowed on Friday, December 23rd, Monday, December 26th, Friday, December 30th, & Monday, January 2nd .

The Code Enforcement Division will be providing service calls concerning public health and safety issues on an as-needed basis.

Any Public Records Act requests submitted during our closure will be taken in on January 3rd and staff will respond to record requests within 10 days of receipt.

Have a happy holiday season and thank you!

Update From Oakley Police Department on 12.9.2022 Incidents

The nightshift on 12-9-22 was a very busy one for the Oakley Police Department and we needed to call in additional resources to handle a flurry of activity.

8:29PM- Solo traffic collision/road closure

This marked the beginning of the busy part of our night. Our officers were dispatched to the intersection of Main St and Bridgehead Road for a solo vehicle, non-injury collision into the center median. This collision caused the road to be closed for about an hour and all of our resources were absorbed managing traffic control in the area.

9:51PM- Shoplifting

Our officers were dispatched to a shoplifting that had just occurred at the Chevron station at 101 E. Cypress Road. Our officers located the suspect riding away on a bicycle and attempted to make a stop. The suspect jumped off of the bicycle and ran towards the ARCO station across the street. One of our officers gave chase and caught the suspect in the parking lot of the ARCO station. The suspect was identified as a 17 year old male who is known to us. The male still had stolen merchandise (clothing) with him and the victim positively identified him in an in-field lineup. Attempts were made to see if Juvenile Hall would accept the male and we were informed he would not be accepted.

9:52PM- HAZMAT outside assist

The Oakley Police Department was requested to assist the fire department with the HAZMAT incident that has already been reported on the rail tracks adjacent to Main St. between O’Hara Ave. and 4th St. Due to the in progress crime we were already investigating we responded to the outside assist to the fire department with limited staff and we called in additional personnel from home to assist us with all of the duties involved in an incident like this.

10:47PM- Fatal traffic collision

Officers were dispatched to Laurel Road and Brown Road for a traffic collision involving a motorcycle. We still had one officer involved in the shoplifting investigation involving the juvenile from earlier in the evening and we were still engaged in the HAZMAT outside assist. We initially responded to the collision with very limited resources, but we quickly realized this was going to be a major investigation because the motorcyclist was found deceased at the scene. We immediately called in traffic investigators and administrators to handle all of the investigative tasks and assist with all of the simultaneous tasks going on at the same time.

Our investigation is revealing the motorcyclist had a solo vehicle collision and was down in the roadway for a period of time. At this point the cause for the investigation remains under investigation, but it is possible the motorcyclist suffered a medical condition while riding. Another motorist was driving on the road and did not see the motorcyclist down in the roadway. The motorist struck the motorcyclist and stopped as soon as that collision occurred. The motorist was compliant with every aspect of our investigation, and it is not believed drugs/alcohol were a factor on the part of the motorist. An arrest was not made in this case, but our entire investigation will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for a decision in regards to if charges should be filed.

The motorcyclist is identified as Derrick Canada (62 year old male, Oakley). The motorist is an adult male who also resides in Oakley.

An investigation like this would typically take three traffic investigators 5-6 hours to fully diagram, sketch and document. Due to the purchase of a new Leica 3D scanning machine we were able to do all of the work in 45-50 minutes and we were able to get the road back opened up after about 2 hours from start to finish on this investigation.

11:03PM- Assault on officer

One of our officers transported the juvenile from the earlier shoplifting investigation home (Hill Avenue in Oakley). Our officer intended to simply drop the juvenile off with his foster parents and then be available to assist with either the still ongoing HAZMAT incident or the fatal collision investigation. As soon as our officer had the suspect get out of the patrol car the suspect attacked our officer by punching our officer in the chest area.  The suspect attempted to put our officer in a headlock and he started grabbing at our officer’s belt. Our officer was able to put out radio traffic indicating they were in a physical altercation. The suspect then wrestled the radio out of the hands of our officer and attempted to strike our officer with it. Our officer was able to take the suspect to the ground and keep him pinned until back-up officers arrived. Due to all of the other activity going on it took awhile to free up some officers to assist our officer who was in the altercation. 

The suspect was ultimately taken into custody. During our investigation the suspect stated he was trying to get our officers gun when he was grabbing at the officers belt. The suspect was then booked into Juvenile Hall for felony crimes against our officer. Our officer was treated and released by a local hospital for injuries sustained during this altercation.

“I am personally proud of my officers and supervisor for handling everything they did and in the way they did it. The activities of this patrol shift required Oakley officers to be ready and available to respond in from home to assist the on-duty officers, and they did so with aplomb. The on-duty officers not only faced a busier than normal shift, but also a shift that was full of high impact, low frequency events. The calmness and professionalism in which they carried out their duties is the expectation of the Oakley Police Department and I reiterate the fact that I am proud of them. I am especially relieved my injured officer was not injured more seriously and I am expressing my desire to see this juvenile held accountable to the highest degree possible for the attack upon my officer. This juvenile was being taken home, this is a situation where there is absolutely no reasonable reason to take the actions he did. I am proud of my officer to rely upon training to prevent the taking of the gun and to fend off the assault as best as possible. This shift is the epitome for why law-enforcement is, and will always be, relevant in our society and I urge everybody to support strong and ethical police work.” -Chief Paul Beard   

Holiday Decorating Contest Now Open!

Participate in the annual Hometown Holiday Decorating Contest. The winning homes this year were 5130 Kegan Lane and 733 Solitude Drive. You can view a map of the homes that entered by clicking below.

929 Windrift Way

5017 Winchester Drive

41 Merganser Court

1876 Concannon Drive

5130 Kegan Lane

1767 Fairhaven Court

4885 Claret Court

733 Solitude Drive

113 Crater Lake Court

Click here to view a map of all the homes.

The Recreation Division is looking for Bands Interested in Performing for Summer 2023 Concert Series

The City of Oakley is currently accepting applications to perform at our 2023 concert series which will be held in the Civic Center Plaza, 3231 Main Street in Oakley, California. Each concert will take place in conjunction with the “Friday Night Bites” food truck events. Attendance can range from 500 – 2000. Lyrics must be appropriate for all ages and cannot contain profanity or offensive language.

The City will provide:

  • A covered stage (30’ wide x 24’ deep) which has a small amount of overhead stage lighting
  • A 30’ x 50’ dance floor, a lawn area and bench-type seating
  • Light non-alcoholic refreshments in a cooler next to the stage

The band will provide:

  • 4 hour performance during our Friday Night Bites Concert Series
  • PA/Sound system (please include this price in your quote)
  • Family-friendly pre-recorded music during the break times
  • City of Oakley business license (if chosen, please include this in your proposed budget. Please visit to determine your business license fee.)
  • IRS W9 form (if chosen)

You may schedule a meeting to look at the venue to make sure the space can accommodate your band and the access to electricity is sufficient for your needs.

The concerts will be held on the following Fridays from 5 – 9pm:

•  May 5, June 2, August 4, September 1 & October 6

To apply click here.